Cinta de correr Adopta tecnología líder europea que combina perfectamente diseño y funcionalidad. Transmisión de señal digital, que es más precisa, evita las paradas y las aceleraciones repentinas.



It adopts leading European technology that perfectly combines design and functionality. Digital signal transmission, which is more precise, avoids sudden stops and accelerations.
The band cylinder is 100 mm in diameter which avoids technical difficulties, prolonging the life useful motor and cylinder and reducing noise at the same time.
Uses anti-static electricity and anti-electromagnetic technology, which ensures safety during exercise.
The reinforced rollers effectively prevent treadmill runout, which makes the machine more reliable.
The reinforced uprights and handrails they make the product more reliable and ensure stable performance during training and greater comfort.
Both side rails are non-slip, making them more comfortable and safer to stand on .
The emergency stop with a specific design extends its useful life and provides a premium exercise experience for your customers.

Travel surface1650x530mm
Weight 234kg
Motor 7.0HP
Tilt 0- 20%


Height: 1595mm
Width: 920mm
Length: 1505mm

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