Sustainability and Environment

Our values.

1. Our sustainable values.

At F&H Fitness® we research, design, manufacture and install indoor and outdoor fitness equipment and machinery. Our mission is to provide a sustainable product that gives entire communities the opportunity to address inactivity in society and create accessible fitness for all.

2. From the factory to wellness.
The F&H Fitness® gym equipment takes shape, piece by piece, in a factory where we work together to fight for the constant improvement of our processes manufacturing methods that are clean, save energy, and protect natural resources.
When we build our gyms, we research and develop our technologies and practices to lessen our impact on the environment.

3. Robotics and automation.
Both outdoor fitness equipment components and indoor machines manufactured by F&H Fitness® use laser cutting machines to cut materials. These machines work with a computer generated program, which means that there is much less waste in all the raw materials.

Our products are welded with a robotic welding machine. This produces more components in less time, using less energy while our staff monitors the process.

4. Recycling and reuse.
Recycling reduces the need for the extraction process, such as mining, quarrying, or logging, as well as the refining process of raw materials, all of which create a significant air and water pollution. Recycling saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and has a direct impact on climate change.
After production in the factory, all the individual components of the gym equipment are packaged and then when our team assembles the equipment in our warehouse, the finished products are repackaged for delivery to our customers, using the exact same packaging the components arrived in, significantly reducing unnecessary waste.

5. Installation and use.
Our gym equipment is used in schools, sports clubs, gyms, hospitals and in parks around the world. Many of our machines require no electricity, require little maintenance, and use very few human resources.
Most of the materials used in the construction of our equipment include aluminum, steel, and sustainable plastics. We also manufacture with 100% recycled plastics, which helps protect our planet.