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At F&H Fitness® we have more than 25 years of experience in the design, equipment and installation of gyms for both individuals and professionals.


In the first phase of the design process of your home gym we want to understand your concept of the installation. We want to hear all the ideas and details about your future installation! Specifically, we want to talk about your level of training, its users and through plans and 3d images we will develop your space with the best solutions.


Once the design is approved, our drawings will soon become reality as we begin planning the installation. As specialists, we will highlight important factors to consider, such as the location of power and AV sources, the location of machines, the correct flooring for specific exercises, ceiling and wall reinforcements for equipment with accessories! These are just to name a few! !


The last phase of the home gym process is when the equipment arrives. The most exciting moment when your vision comes to life. Every situation is different, but our team is ready to guide you through the delivery process. The installation is completely programmed around our clients.

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