FH T1003
FH T1003
FH T1003

FH T1003

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Dimensions: 1500x1500x2250mm

Weight: 165kg

The F&H Fitness® product design team has redesigned the Lever gym concept, a concept that has existed for more than 25 years with very few innovations and that we wanted to enhance with some enhancements like providing a perfect contraction during exercises like tricep extensions, bicep curls, and lateral curls. This design ensures a safer and more natural movement when the body is exercising.

The machine FH-T1003 offers more than 20 of the best and most effective strength training exercises with which you will work each muscle group to the maximum.

Lever arm drives exercises. The plates load directly onto the lever and replace the bar, providing the feel of natural biomechanics and the resistance of free weight with the safety and control of a Smith machine.


Design and quality materials define the FH-T1003.

Storage of bars, discs and accessories.

Immersion handle for several hands.

Metal cover.

Solid chrome guide rod.

Multi-angle grip.

Cross pulley swivel.

Adjustable strap with several rings.

Chrome knurled lift bar which can increase grip strength and prevent rust.

Protection grid for squats.

Multiple possibilities of different exercises for a complete workout of shoulders, arms, chest, back, core, legs, etc.

Commercial grade snap hooks.

It is compatible with a wide variety of accessories for almost any exercise you need.

The Smith machine is angled for natural body movement to provide a professional and safe workout.

Position your Smith bar with ease at any height position you need.

Certifications: CE, ISO9001.

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