Cinta de correr con cubierta superancha. Gran espacio para correr para toda la familia con diferentes alturas.
FH HT-02
Resistencia a impactos. Fabricada con siete capas de diferentes materiales; alivia el impacto del ejercicio en las articulaciones protegiendo de lesiones.
Frontal de aluminio. Asa delantera en aluminio, más ligera y anticorrosión. Diseño ergonómico, fácil de limpiar y duradera.
FH HT-02
FH HT-02

FH HT-02

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Travel surface


Dimensions: 1480 x 800 x 1135mm

Travel area: 1200 x 450 mm

Deck width: 650mm

Net Weight: 45kg

Gross Weight: 54kg

Available colors: Red/white.


Simple and functional button control.

Console language in various languages.

Screen functions. Time, distance, calories, incline, speed.

Calorie display from 0-999Kcal.

Distance display 0.0-99.9 Km 0.00-62.07Mi.

Time display 00:00-99:59

Speed ​​display 1.0-9km/h 1-5.59 Mph

Maximum user weight 120kg


Ac220V power supply

Power cord 110A AC 250V


30 x 60 mm rectangular tube, plastic cover.

Engine with Power 10HP.

Precision roller 42 mm/diam. tall.

Heavy Duty Running Stirrup

15t, maximum static load 400 kg.

Test in low temperatures -10C, in high temperatures 70ºC.

Impact resistance. Made with seven layers of different materials; relieves the impact of exercise on the joints, protecting them from injuries.

Patented silent engine. Patented motor designed to save energy. Silent.

Super wide cover. Great space to run for the whole family with different heights.

Aluminum front. Aluminum front handle, lighter and anti-corrosion. Ergonomic design, easy to clean and durable.

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