Bandas de caucho para realizar calentamientos dinámicos.
Para realizar pasos laterales, extensiones de pierna y hacer ejercicios de equilibrio.
Fabricada en caucho densidad extra- fuerte




They are rubber bands for dynamic warm-ups. For side steps, leg extensions and balance exercises.

Price per unit

Mini Bands Extra-strong.

Made of extra-strong density rubber

Length. 25cm

Width: 5.3cm

Weight: 31g

Mini Bands strong.

Made of strong density rubber

Length. 28cm

Width: 5.3cm

Weight: 21g

Mini Bands medium.

Made of medium density rubber

Length. 27.5 cm

Width: 4cm

Weight: 13g

Light Mini Band.

Made of light density rubber

Length: 25 cm

Width: 5.4cm

Weight: 18g

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