Son las anillas más utilizadas en entrenamientos funcionales. Al ser de madera proporcionan una adherencia mayor que con el plástico.


Grip thickness


They are the most used rings in functional training. Being made of wood, they provide greater adherence than with plastic.

The rings allow you to improve Cross Training and functional training by facilitating the strengthening of the upper body as well as the abdominal.

Available in two thicknesses, one of 28 mm, used by all types of public, and another of 32 mm, Pro, more appropriate for larger athletes or those seeking
a stronger grip.

Made of highly resistant and durable laminated wood.

With maximum security straps suitable for loads of more than 300 kilos. Ribbons 4.5 meters long x 2.5 cm wide.

Available in two sizes

Wooden ring 28 mm thick for grip.

Wooden ring 32 mm grip thickness.

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