FH T1001B

FH T1001B


The Rack FH-T1001B machine is designed for maximum flexibility and security. Its multiple possibilities and its careful professional finish make the FH-T1001B cage one of the best multifunction machines on the market.

Its strong and versatile construction makes training enjoyable, fast and safe. With the Rack FH-T1001B you will have a Smith machine, a Power Rack and even a functional rack with which you will work your entire body in a single machine without losing functionality.


– Double pull cable.

– Storage of bars, disks and accessories.

– Dip handle for multiple hands.

– Metal cover.

– Solid chrome guide rod.

– Multi angle grip.

– Cross pulley swivel.

– Adjustable multi-ring strap.

– Knurled, chrome-plated lift bar that can increase grip strength and prevent rust.

– Protection grid for squats.

– Built-in weight blocks (90kg per side for a total of 180kg).

– Perform more than 50 different exercises for a complete workout of shoulders, arms, chest, back, core, legs, etc.

– Commercial grade security hooks.

– It is compatible with a wide variety of accessories for almost any exercise you need.

– The Smith machine is angled for natural body movement to provide a strong and safe workout.

– Easily place your Smith bar at any height position you need.

– Number of people in simultaneous training: 2.

– Assembled dimensions: 1750 x 2100 x 2320 mm.

– Weight: 400 kg.

Smith Machine

The Smith machine features a smooth guide to ensure maximum benefit from your workout.

The Smith machine helps you perform exercises in a controlled and safe way, ideal for learning new training techniques.

Functional Trainer

The Advanced Twin Cable Pulley has an extremely flexible drivetrain and is unrivaled in training capabilities. The pulleys can be used separately and both use a 100kg weight stack.

The perfect range of motion with which cable pulley exercises can be performed in a controlled manner ensures that there is constant tension in the muscles during execution so that you get the most out of every workout.

Power Rack

The strength and stability of the Power Rack inside the FH-T1001B ensures that you can train safely and responsibly at all times. The extremely powerful construction guarantees a long technical life and makes it possible to carry out more intensive training sessions.

For anyone looking for a complete multi-gym that can easily replace any workout, the FH-T1001 is the most suitable solution.

Smith frame structure

Chrome plated high precision smith rail can make the movement smoother and thus prolong the life of the machine. Its structure is resistant to wear and oxidation.

Cross Pulley Swivel< /p>

The tension output can rotate 180 degrees freely to adapt to different training angles and ensure perfect operation. You can see the digit through the hole to adjust the height. The galvanized knob set is easy to adjust and the length of the cable can also be adjusted.

Weight blocks

The metal cover not only protects the case, but also increases the stability of the machine. It also includes a magnetic pin that prevents slippage during exercise.

Weight storage

The storage pegs have the capacity to hold disks in a range of 2.5 to 20 kg each distributed in 6 easy and flexible to use groups. It also has an Olympic bar storage.


Dip Hooks are easy to attach to the Smith Machine at different heights by opening one of the holes in the hanging frame.


Multiple sets of converted pulleys make for smoother motion. The cable is prepared for a tension of up to 800 kg, it is also extensible, resistant to wear and safe.

Ring Clip Buckle< /p>

The extended design ring clip buckle is shock resistant. The 10 level ones is suitable for different height users to do bench press etc. Its solid Olympic weightlifting rod non-slip thread design with chrome knurled handle to increase grip makes the FH-T1001B a reliable and safe machine.

Accessory storage

Complete more movements with more space to store different accessories to satisfy all the needs of the muscles of the body. Some of the included accessories can reduce the risk of wrist injury while increasing angle change, especially important for detailed sculpting of certain muscle groups

Foam rollers

Made of high-quality foam, they are anti-sweat, wear-resistant and also contain an aluminum alloy foam block.

Multi Angle Pull Up Bar

Allows execution of ordinary, lower, mixed grip, sternum pull-ups, one hand or one arm accompanied by comfortable HDR grips with aluminum alloy.

Leg Press

The non-slip metal base plate is 5mm thick. Allows you to increase the strength and mass of your leg muscles by pushing yourself away from the footrest.

Side node

Convert the FH-T1001 from a cage to a side pull down station. Fully adjustable, quick and easy to add or remove.


The ideal complement to add many more possibilities to the already extensive gym at home. With Jammerjam you can train your chest, arms and shoulders.

Certifications: CE, ISO9001.

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