FH HE002 Pec Fly
FH HE002 Pec Fly
FH HE002 Pec Fly

FH HE002 Pec Fly

Plate weight
Upholstered color


Dimensions 1550×1180×1680mm
Machine weight 199kg
Plates weight 100kg
Maximum user weight 150kg


5 levels of seat adjustment. It allows adapting to a greater number of users.


The main frame is made of flat oval tubes 50x120x2.0T/50x100x2.0T, while the movable arms are made of circular tubes of 60/50x3.0T and 40x80x3.0T flat oval tubes. The connection clamps are made of flat oval tubes 50x100x2.0T, the counterweight box made of flat oval tubes 50x120x2.0T.
Raised structure above the ground and feet with rubber protections.

Steel plates with rubber damping for longer life as well as reduced noise.
Row adjustment is Easily select with thumb release and adjust to individual preferences or physical limitations. Yellow for better viewing.

It has 5 different levels of adjustment. The user can easily adjust the seat, just pull and lift the seat to the desired height.

Laser cut 8.0T hot rolled plate, welded chord race to maximize durability.

High quality steel that has undergone surface treatments to prevent corrosion.

Back Plate
Made of high quality steel, its surface is anti-corrosion, secondary spraying.

Handles made from soft PVC (thermoplastic vulcanized rubber) extrusion molding. Non-slip, more comfortable and ergonomic that evenly disperse the load of pulling and pushing motion.

High quality bearings to provide better movement.

Guide rod
Made of stainless steel that has been refined with a milling machine, and polishing processes. Its surface is shiny, durable, anti-corrosion (this has been proven through a 48h salt spray test).

Steel cable
The maximum effective load weight is 1,000kg, and it can be stretched more than 100,000 times.

It has an easily accessible bottle and towel holder.

Bearing cover
Plastic material.

A2-70 stainless steel bolts, other kit parts feature 12.9 level alloy steel bolts.

Guide rail
Alloy steel with a diameter of 30mm, has undergone high temperature treatment, chrome surface. Corrosion resistant. It is characterized by its resistance to wear, hardness and anti-deformation properties.

The machine is equipped with a digital counter that displays training data in real time, this makes the exercise more intuitive and scientific.
The display shows the training time, as well as the number of repetitions.

Seat and backrest
Seat and backrest designed so that the load of movement is evenly distributed, thus offering users a greater degree of comfort. Made of one-time molded PU foam, anti-deformation, toughness, synthetic leather surface that can withstand friction for 500g,
sweat-resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic.

Eco-friendly electrostatic anti-corrosion powder coating: 2 rounds (silver/black/dark gray + varnish).

Exercise Pictogram
Label with exercise pictogram in moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant PVC.

QR Code
Configuration instruction manual for both machine settings and exercises by means of a QR Code applied to the machine and downloadable at any digital device.

The device guarantees the security of the user.

ISO9001, CE, EN-957-2.

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