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At F&H Fitness® we have more than 25 years of experience in the design, equipment and installation of gyms and fitness clubs.


In our extensive catalog you will find everything you need to equip your gym or sports club, advising you with the best options in fitness equipment, with the latest generation products and with the latest technology on the market.

conceptualization and

In the first phase of the design process of your gym or fitness club we want to understand your concept of the facility. We want to hear all the ideas and details about your future gym or function room. Everything from gym flow, equipment selection, equipment placement, custom branding to catering to your gym demographics are key pieces of our GYM DESIGN. Each client and each gym is different and should be treated as such.

planning and design

In the second phase of the Gym Design process, and after carrying out the planimetry and distribution of the space, we provide a 3D design of your facility according to the dimensions of the space. This is where you can really envision your dream facility. We will include all your colors and corporate image of your brand. You will be able to see where each team will be and what their installation flow will look like.


The last phase of equipping your gym is when the equipment arrives. The most exciting moment, when your vision comes to life. Each situation is different, but our team is prepared to deliver and install all the equipment on time so you can open as soon as possible.

after-sales service

At F&H Fitness we understand the importance of offering ongoing quality gym equipment repair and maintenance services.



technical assistance




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